I really like git; if I could keep everything under version control, I would. I’ve started writing all my papers in LaTeX instead of Word, not only because it’s cleaner and can provide more control, but because then I can version control them. Hell, I’ve even started keeping my Borderlands 2 game saves backed up in a git repository.

Imagine my delight, then, when I discovered Octopress. Octopress is a framework that makes it really easy to generate a blog just from a set of markdown files that can be hosted on GitHub pages. I’ve already been using GitHub to host my personal website, and using it to host a blog would be pretty swell.

I’ve worked through the documentation to get a blog up and running; after all, I have homework to be working on right now, so I need to find something else to do. Nevermind the fact that I never actually put in the effort to blog or can come up with interesting topics; if nothing else, this was just an exercise to test out Octopress and to become more familiar with the features of GitHub pages.