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Objective-C type encoding creation and parsing in Rust.

The Objective-C compiler encodes types as strings for usage in the runtime. This crate aims to provide a strongly-typed (rather than stringly-typed) way to create and describe these type encodings without memory allocation in Rust.

Implementing Encode

This crate declares an Encode trait that can be implemented for types that the Objective-C compiler can encode. Implementing this trait looks like:

This example is not tested
unsafe impl Encode for CGPoint {
    const ENCODING: Encoding<'static> =
        Encoding::Struct("CGPoint", &[CGFloat::ENCODING, CGFLOAT::ENCODING]);

For an example of how this works with more complex types, like structs containing structs, see the core_graphics example.

Comparing with encoding strings

An Encoding can be compared with an encoding string from the Objective-C runtime:

assert!(&i32::ENCODING == "i");

Generating encoding strings

Every Encoding implements Display as its string representation. This can be generated conveniently through the to_string method:

assert_eq!(i32::ENCODING.to_string(), "i");



An Objective-C type encoding.



Types that have an Objective-C type encoding.